Message from the CEO – Dragnet Solutions

At Dragnet, we understand that there are many activities in our national life we can impact in a positive way such that we transform the way the identified activities are carried out for the better and for good. The people at Dragnet believe that we can dream of a better tomorrow and we can make that dream a reality in a socially and economically sustainable manner. As a company we are committed to deploying innovative, simple and sensible technology to make the transformation possible. Our chosen areas of impact for now include: Recruitment, Graduate Careers, Examination Administration, Scholarship and Bursary Management, Identity Management. In other words Dragnet will deploy technology and transform the way we screen as a nation for meritocracy, integrity and excellence.
- Arek Bawa – – MD/CEO –  Dragnet Solutions Limited

Our Businesses


This is the first indigenous computer based examination software in Nigeria. FOT as it is popularly known is designed, developed and deployed with the present CBT in Nigeria, Africa and global trends taken in consideration

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GradExchange is a centralised web portal that connects Employers to Graduates. Graduates are profiled using scientifically standardised and validated pre-employment tests and assessments taken at our CBT centres.

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Scholastica is our Scholarship and Bursary Management Solution which utilises information technology (IT) to automate and enhance the process of scholarship and bursary awards, making it objective, transparent and auditable

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In its provision of Human Capital Solutions, Dragnet E-recruitment Service has adopted the use of technology in enabling the provision of Human Capital support services.

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Lawyers Employment Suitability Aptitude Test (LESAT) is a standardized test for benchmarking Law School graduates for entry positions into various top Law Firms in Nigeria. This innovation accurately measures the skills necessary for a successful legal career.

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Why we are different

Innovative Solution

We provide solutions that simplify your HR requirements.

Exam Revolution

Eliminate exam malpractices through CBT revolution in our institutions .

Save Your Time

Our solutions are designed to save you time in all aspects

National ID Solution

Maintaining robust ID database to move the nation forward.

Why Dragnet Solutions?

Among countless reasons, we can simply list basic reasons for choosing us like below:

  • Solutions open to any kind of change
  • Candidates & Employers Friendly Interface
  • Fast & Easy Management

Our Clients